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The English language is diverse. There’s , American English, Canadian English, Australian English, to name a few. Even within these general accents, there are many other particular ones.

If our English listening skills are up to par, it can help us figure out what the speaker is saying, even if it is an unfamiliar accent or dialect. But for this, talking to people from different countries is necessary.


Being in Almuñécar gives us the chance to work with some native English speakers and bring them to our school for our students to practise English with them. Listening to different English accents is always positive. The key to understanding different accents involves listening carefully to their unique tone and pronunciation, which will open many doors whenever they travel to different countries and continents.


Volunteers support our classes as classroom assistants and supplement formal provision through creative extras like conversation and cultural information support. Every year, we organise activities with some of the English speakers who live in Almuñécar. They help our students get to know their different cultures and other interesting aspects which make them different. By comparing cultures, customs and traditions, students learn that there are many other different ways of living which are as good and useful as ours. Understanding that different meals, times and habits are also possible opens our students’ hearts and minds to the world.


This school year, some activities have been carried out, showing our students different aspects of countries and experiences lived by some of our volunteers. Not only talks have been developed, but games and contests too.

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